Monday, 23 April 2012

Its Still You....

Why does it have to hurt inside?
Why do I have to cry each night?
I think I have to walk on by...
Cuz I'm starting to lose my sight...

What is it that changed your mind?
Who is it that keeps you blind?
Why did you change so fast?
Did you really have to leave me behind?

I start to think about all we had
And how it turned this way...
I guess I'll have to leave your side,
And turn my face away...

Although my soul will die...
Although my heart will cry...
I've got nothing else to do,
I'm hurt deep inside

But although I'll leave your side,
You'll be always on my mind...
My heart and soul will ache for you,
Every day and every night...

You're my never-ending love,
The love that keeps me alive...
You're the one I'll love forever,
Although it hurts inside...

Friday, 13 April 2012

It Was True Love from the Start

The touch of your hand,
And the taste of your kiss.
Oh how I wonder,
How our love is as strong as this.

The sound of your voice, 
And the twinkle in your eye.
Oh how I thank God,
For such a wonderful guy.

The warmth of your smile,
And the touch upon your face.
Oh how I love,
Your caring ness and embrace.

The way you look into my eyes,
And the safeness when I'm with you.
Oh how I'm so happy,
Now that I'm with you.

The touch of your body,
And the feel of your hands on me.
Oh how I see,
That this is truly meant to be.

The love in your heart,
And the glistening in your eyes.
Oh how I believe,
That nothing will tear us apart.

The words upon your lips, 
And the determination on your mind.
Oh how I love,
When your hands are on my hips.

The beat of your heart,
And the bravery in your soul.
Oh how I knew,
It was true love from the start.

Monday, 9 April 2012

How To Woo a GUY !!!!!

“How to Woo a Guy”

“Women men adore and never want to leave”

1)   Try to make a verbal and eye-to-eye Contact: make an eye contact with him and give him a smile, have friendly and health conversation.
·       It will show him your comfort level and confidence.
2)   Get to know him an his background: as you will try to know him more, he will come to know about his interest in him and he too will look forward to your interest and you may become his interest too.
·       Remember his important dates, likes and dislikes and his comfort.
3)   Introduce yourself: being simple, nice sober outfit, being lively and frank and a strong personality will make a different impression about you on his mind.
·       Sometimes you can be a mystery too to make him take interest in you ( Physical appearance is the 1st thing noticed in a person)
4)   Be nice: being nice is the simplest and most effective way to get closer to someone.
·       Don’t be fake or unreal.
·       Be yourself.
·       Remember to be positive and take interest in what he says and does.
5)   Compliment him: don’t be shy about passing along genuine compliments. You should compliment on his clothes, hairstyle, shoes, watch, cologne, etc.
·        Guys like to be noticed.
6)   Flirting around: good natured, soft and healthy hearted flirting can be fun and will take you more close to him and also it is a great way to let someone know that you are interested in him.
·       But don’t flirt with other guys because it will make him feel jealous and might lower his self esteem comparing himself with others.
·       As a result it will lessen his interest in you.
7)   Get close as you talk: laugh at his jokes, rather than giggling. When you laugh, he will look at you, so don’t try and seem fake.
·       When he makes a joke, lightly touch his arms while you laugh.
·       Combination of laughing & touching will make a big and different impression on him.
8)   Be yourself: you or your guy don’t want to base a relationship on something fake. So be true to yourself and show him the real side of you.
9)   Don’t is branded but be choosy:   instead of showing him how branded or brand conscious you are, show him that you go for choice, selection and comfort.
10)                      Treat him like: he should be your prince and everything you wanted ever.
·       Don’t take him for granted and never think that the relationship is just meant for one night stand but it can stand through lifetime nightstands.
·       Don’t make a big issue out of small things as it may take him away from you.
·       Be with him whenever and wherever needed.
11)                      In case of long distance: be open and true.
·       Text him.
·       Mail him.
·       Send him greetings.
·       And make him feel the warmth and closeness with you.

If your relation is not on a right track u can bring him back by forgetting the past and acting as if everything was normal. As guys hate to recall bad time of suffering and show him your support

Rather calling it wooing…. Let it be taking interest in him and that will be a great fun.