Sunday, 2 September 2012

Just YOU and ME

there is time and enough for other things
but the sweep of your hair demands address
the sweetness of your smile entices
the depth of your eyes demands exploration
the softness of your skin
promises an Infinity
and the sway of your stridea
carries all before it
you can say you don't know what
you're doing
you can say it's all an
accident of light
dismiss it all
with a snap of the fingers
you don't fool me one bit
the sensual curve of your fingers
settles into my palm
I'm closing my hand
and never letting go
you make as if to buck and wing
but it's all an act
I see you to the core
I hunger to gobble the seed
if I don't hold on
you'll float away
and that would be shame,
wouldn't it?
permit me to guide you to a place
mutually agreeable
and we can settle under a shade
to discuss points of mutual interest
and see if Time
should place a golden ring
around us ....

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