Sunday, 14 December 2014


I often ponder on the fact that what Fate exactly is? They say it is a fixed decree by which the order of things is prescribed or the immutable law of the universe, others say it is the force by which all existence is determined and conditioned.  Everyone states the same statement in its various versions. Visualize a guy who passed away due to cancer because of his smoking habits right before his marriage or a footballer who lost his legs in an accident after a football final while driving back home. I wonder if this Fate somehow could have been actually different for both of them. Had the guy paid more attention to the words of warning written on the cigarette pack or would have cared a bit more about his family then the things might have been different. Same goes for the footballer, maybe he was drunk or not showing the necessary concentration on the road that resulted in such a disastrous life-changing situation. Now I ask, can this Fate actually be changed?

I think about this and am forced to link Fate with the Karma-Dharma theory. I recall a famous proverb which we used to jot down in our cursive writing books – “As you sow, so shall you reap”. I guess what happened above in both the cases was indeed a result of the actions of near past. Whom would everyone prefer, a bad man with good habits or a good man with bad habits (Don’t confuse habits with deeds). I am quite sure that I am gonna go with the latter. A good man would never have intentions of hurting someone even a bit and his actions would always result in a greater good but his habits being considered as bad from a specific point of view might result in his wrong Fate. On the contrary a Bad man can do all the shit on this human race and still good habits might save his ass at the end of the day. If not that, a Tsunami will take over a good man and a bad man together without any discrimination of their actions. I marvel on the fact that in spite of doing all the good things to this globe a person can end up anywhere, so is this good karma indeed important?

I believe it is. There is always a fault related to all the blows and tragedies of life. Maybe the driver should have been more attentive and the smoker should have given more respect to the warnings. Our little actions or slight heed to the warnings can change the entire fate on an individual. To end I would just like to share a poem which I saw somewhere  -

I Have Seen Castles Made Out Of Sand,
Met People Who BelieveFate Is Engraved On The Palm Of Their Hands,

I Have Seen People Change Their Faith,
Exprienced Love Change Into Hate,

I Have Seen People Grow Younger With Age,
n A Bird Who Would Not Fly Out Of An Open Cage,

I Have Seen Love Sold For Money,
People Who Are Devastated Inside But Outside They Are Funny,

I Have Seen The Unicorn Fall In Love With The Toad,
People Who Owned Half The City Have Now Hit The Road,

I Have Learned To Expect The Unexpcted,
Perfection Doesn't Exist,We Are All Defectd,

Everyone Cries,Some Just Hide Their Tears,
They Say Coal Turns Into Valueble Diamond..

Someone May Believe You Are One In Million,
For Others You Are Just Another Nobody In The Billion...

Cherish All Your Moments Happy or Sad,
Feel... See More Blessed With What You Are... !

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