Thursday, 8 September 2016


Today, I bask in the sun,
Songs of fire, chirps of fun.
Eyes gleaming all around,
Laughters making the occasional pound.
Miles away from fields and folks,
Goofing around with silly jokes.
With my face arched, I mimic a clown,
Gleeful throughout, never fearing sundown.
Today is a happy day,
Blinding what tomorrow will say.

Today, I load my gun,
Howls of ire, cries of stun.
Legs running all around,
Bullets making the clinking sound.
In the midst of splutters and smokes,
Crawling around in loaded cloaks.
My skull is shot, I fall down,
With a befitting smile, not a single frown.
Today is a proud day,
My land I solemnly repay.

Today, I am my country's son,
Tunes of martyrdom, tributes of a ton.
Tricolour draped all around,
Rose petals making a tiny mound.
Garnering might from the twenty four spokes,
Standing tall like the giant oaks.
My kid salutes, his eyes in tears drown.
With head held high, nimbus of a crown.
Today is a glorious day,
Under my flag I magnificently lay.

On eve on Independence day, This is what a soldiers perspective would be.

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