Thursday, 15 November 2012

Loving You

Loving you
Was a dream come true.
I gave you my heart,
And hoped we would never part.

From the moment I met you,
I knew it was true.
And that your love for me,
Would never flee.

And as the days became weeks
And the weeks turned to months
My love for you began to grow
And even started to show

I always wore the color red,
Because I knew ahead;
That you would say,
You liked my display.

I wrote you love poems,
Hoping you would love them;
Like the way you loved me,
Wishing you not to flee.

You're the only one,
You're in everyone I see.
You're the one I trust, 
You're the one I want to touch.

When I close my eyes it's you I see,
And nothing can compare
For the way you care;
Not just for me, but others as well.

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