Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I've seen you in my dreams before,
We walked along that sandy shore.
The moonlight lit your eyes so wide,
On that night, you became my bride.

Walking with you, I held your hand,
Your wedding dress dragged the sand.
Hiding behind your gorgeous veil,
I cherished your every detail.

Your hushed voice would tickle my ear,
Golden highlights flashed in your hair.
Kissing your lips your taste was sweet,
An eye candy, you were my treat.

The midnight tides rose from the sea,
Touched our toes and faded slowly.
Clouds started to float through the air,
The moon and stars would disappear.

A fog rolled in and you were gone,
I passed out and awoke to dawn.
Into the bright sky I would gleam,
I looked around, was it a dream?

My left hand wore a wedding ring,
But yet I hadn't seen a thing.
Then I heard the voice of you,
and realized my dream came true.

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