Monday, 7 November 2011

The Dream Man

I saw you;

And I lost my most and soul for you..

I feel your eyes;

And wished to be tucked in those eyes...

Can you feel my heartbeat,

As if someone creeps in to my mind...

When I told you, I want to be yours;

Thats when you told me our relationship will never end...

What I feel, can never be healed;

My heart stop to best, to hear your sweet voice....

Tell me how can I forget the one;

Whom I love more than anyone....

I keep on trying to get through you;

But you never responded to my love for you....

I saw you one fine day, near the day;

Scared to be there, as you may not recognize...

I tried to hold the hand of your shadow;

Oh!! baby..

You gave me a hope;

As you smiled at me..

You can run but;

Will never can hide from my love...

One day you will realize the truth;

There's a girl who ran throughout your soul;

I am scared coz it shouldn't be too late....

Dont worry baby;

You will always find me there for you..


  1. You emote your feelings so very well. The reader in me can feel your cravings, desire, pain, anguish & hope.

    Take this an example to learn from. Life sometimes dishes us bitter experiences from which we ought to mature from and better days will come.

    He was not 'Your Man' honey, 'Mr Right' will come - all in good time. Seize the moment then, and savour it with your near & dear ones later.

  2. your feelings are really nice. It is really from the heart and it touched my soul.