Friday, 11 November 2011

Have You Ever Loved Someone So Much....

Have you ever loved someone so much,
That takes your breath away.

You’ll do anything to get close to him,
You would do anything to have him,
Knowing you could never have him.

You could feel him creeping on your skin staring at you,
Giving you chills down your spine,
And just see in his eyes the he craves for you.

When you craved him for the longest time,
But he was to blind to notice,
Wishing he noticed you earlier.

Never giving up,
Him creeping up behind you,
Craving for each other,
Sharing an exotic night together,
Never stopping until were both satisfied,
Then falling in love with him so much,
Knowing he’ll never be with you,
Knowing he could never love you.

Seeing him die before your eyes,
Drowning in your tears,
Feeling like your died inside,
and your soul wither up and die.


  1. gud one. 'ur choice of words shows what character u hold.'- Praveen Attri

  2. really awsome its very touchy